Copier Relocation Service


Request for Copier Relocation Service

Moving office and wish to ensure that the copier is well handled during relocation? You are right – a copier machine is a motion-sensitive piece of equipment and comes with many precision mechanism and components. The heavy bulk that it is makes the move only harder to manage.  A tilt that is too severe or a sudden drop could lead to severe damages which will cause frequent and intermittent issues including error code flashes that will never go away.

G1 Copier has been involved in the delivery and relocation of copy machines for more than a decade. We have ample experience to anticipate and manage the challenge efficiently. Your copier will be well taken care of during the relocation.

In addition, we are also able to provide installation and computer networking services after the copier has been moved to your new office.

For a quotation, please send us the relocation details and indicate your preferred services in the online form below.