About Us

G1 Digital Copier & Supplies is one of the leading copier vendors in Singapore. We were established in the year 2006 to provide copier sales, rental and maintenance services.

Since our founding, we have gained valuable experience supplying copiers to companies and organisations from various sectors including SMEs, MNCs, Religious Organisations, Schools, Government Offices and even Retailers.

Through the years, we have worked with many brands of copy machines, all the while learning and experiencing the transformation of the industry along the way. We now pride ourselves as being experts on the technical and engineering aspects of Canon and Fuji Xerox copiers.

Through our recommended solutions, many organisations, companies and businesses have benefited from huge savings while still getting the high quality products and services which they expected in the first place.

The copier machine business is all about providing prompt and efficient service and supplying reliable products. It is also about maintaining goodwill and nurturing long-term business relations with clients. At G1, we are mindful of these attributes and will always be on our best form to ensure our clients will get the products and service that they rightfully deserve.


Our vision is to be the leading copier supplier in Singapore providing true business values for our clients.


Our mission is to offer our expertise to help our clients save even more when making copier machine purchases.


We will continue to maintain and strengthen our main core values: Integrity, Dedication and Fairness


“I am grateful to G1 Copier for giving me a good trade-in offer for my old Ricoh machine. I purchased a Fuji Xerox copier from them. I’m very satisfied with the overall performance of the new machine and also the exceptional level of service rendered. Highly recommended!”

Mr Atkins Tern

Managing Director

GNI Marketing Pte Ltd

“I am very happy with the Fuji Xerox copy machine bought from G1 Digital Copier. I didn’t have to call for any service because they will schedule one general servicing every month. I went on to purchase two more of the same machine model from them for my other preschools. All are working fine for me.”

Mrs Catherine Tan


Discovery Kidz Preschool

” G1 Digital did a good job evaluating my needs which is to get a copier without taking up too much of my office space. They recommended a space-saving Canon model which worked perfectly for me. I have all the features I want in a compact-size machine. Well done!”

Mr Jake Sung

Managing Director

Global Glory Singapore

What Can We Do for You?

Would you like improve your printing workflow and yet reduce costs and expenses? Ask us anything. Or tell us a little more about your document printing requirements to kickstart a more elaborate discussion.

Working with Tuition Centres

We have good experience working with tuition centres and agencies and we all know the hectic pace at which they run the copy machines. We have in place a special maintenance strategy for such high volume printing. Get in touch with us to find out more. 

Supplying to Jurong Island, Singapore

Setting up an office on Jurong Island? Whether it is for a short duration or permanent office, we can help. We supply copier machines to many companies with offices in Jurong Island. With our approved access passes, our field engineers can respond to your service calls faster.

Our Unique Experience with Construction Site Offices

Supplying a copier to a construction job site is a tough job, with the initial pile foundation stage being the most challenging. Transporting this heavy and bulky machine is the first part of the challenge. The access path to the container office can be soft and muddy – especially after a heavy rain. The office may well be on a second level, which means having to carry this heavy yet delicate piece of equipment up a narrow makeshift staircase. In addition, the generator-supplied electricity may not be stable, causing a malfunction or worse, damaging the circuit boards inside the copier.

Yes, very tough, but we’re fine with it. We’ve been through enough to know what’s required to do the job properly. No job is too tough for us at G1 Copier.

Need Advice?

We do best in what we do.  Having worked with organisations from all types of different trades and industries, we are blessed with full and thorough experience to provide the most effective office solutions. Please let us know if you need some advice on how to reduce your copying and printing expenditure.