Best Choice for Copier Rental in Singapore

It is essential to have a functioning copier machine in any company, since there’s just too much documentation that needs to be printed, scanned, copied, or faxed. However, for many companies and businesses – especially beginning ones – it might be difficult to buy a professional copier machine, which are quite pricy. If you find yourself in such position, copier rental services are exactly what you need!

Benefits of copier rental

Besides a clear-cut cost advantage – renting a copier is way less expensive than buying one – there are other advantages of renting instead of purchasing. First of all, rental is an eco-friendlier option, and all companies and organizations should be concerned about the environment. Since there was no production that was made directly for you, your company doesn’t leave a negative impact on the environment – it’s like thrifting instead of shopping at mass markets. Moreover, once you’re done with a copier, you will hand it over to another temporary owner, once again complying with the standards of sustainable living.

Moreover, you’re presented with a variety of copiers to choose from, deciding what functions are the most essential to you and not worrying about overpaying – price range is rather similar in rented devices. Finally, your company won’t suffer any losses – neither from an expensive purchase nor from breakage or lack of use.

Renting with G1

G1 Digital Copier is your best choice for copier rental services in Singapore. Why is that so? Here you are offered not only a large choice of premium copier machines for short or long rental term, but also many other beneficial services. G1 Copier provides the possibility to make an order by phone or email, as well as direct and punctual delivery straight to your office. No hidden costs, no misfunctioning devices – only affordable prices and clear communication. We will help you enjoy the perks of having a professional, top quality copy machine for the lowest price of only $38.00/month.